Personal Information
Work Experience
Conferences and Publications 

1- Secretary  of the Senate of the Nile Valley University

2- Member of the Scientific Research Council of the  Nile

Valley University

3- The Editor, Nile Scientific Journal (A Scientific Journal of

 Nile Valley University)

4- Co Supervisor For a Ph.D Student , College of Graduate

Studies , Nile Valley University4

5- Internal examiner for some higher degree students            

(Tow Ph.D . thesis defenses )

6. Supervisor of some M. Sc. students.

7- Supervision of enormous Research works and projects

that performed by students as one of the requirements of


8- Member of many others Scientific and academic Councils

in the University.

9. Member of Sudan Physical Society (2006-Present)

10. Executive committee member, Professional Association

of  Sudanese Universities teachers.

11. Member of a state committee of admission, Ministry of

Higher Education, Sudan.

Date : March, 2009


Third World Academy Prize (TWAS) to young

Scientists, International Centre for Theoretical

Physics (ICTP), 2005.