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Conferences and Publications   

1- Conference entitled: Unification of physical

Terminologies in the Sudanese Universities, Atbara , Sudan ,

( Dec 1991)

2- The Problem of Angular Momentum in General Relativity

: a talk presented in the Chinese National Conference on

Astronomy , Astrophysics and general Relativity , Shanghai ,

P.R. China , Dec 1996

3- A Mossbauer Study of the Evolution of Glauconite From

Chinese Seas , Spectroscopy Letters , Vol .34 , number 6

(2001) , PP. 701 708

4- Use Of Mont Carlo Method With Simulated Annealing

Algorithm In the Analysis Mossbauer Spectra , Fizika B Vol

.11(2002) 2 PP.19 263

5- Magnetic Effect in Ca VSn : YIG Induced by Energetic

Heavy Ions , Annual Issue on Defect and Diffusion in

Ceramic, Defect and Diffusion Forum , Vol .206-


6- Monte Carlo Simulation of Penetrative Photons in the

Reactor Shielding. Lebanese Science Journal (Accepted, to

be published )

7-   Mossbauer Spectroscopy in China. Journal of Nuclear

and Radiochemical sciences. Vol.2 (2002)

8- Identification of Minerals Using Artificial neural

Networks Based on  Mossbauer Parameters ,  Nuclear

Techniques , Vol. 23 (2000), PP.467-474

9- Mossbauer Studies  on the Spiral Antiferromagnetic

Coupling in Iron Oxychloride , Chemical Physics Letters

10- Resolving the Eu151 Mossbauer Spectra by Genetic  

Algorithm , Computational Physics

11. Physical Optics (a book), to be published soon.