Professor.Mohamed Ibrahim Shukri

Faculty of Engineering and Technology



1.         Rank                                       :           Professor


2.         Department and Specialization:       Department of Manufacturing Engineering

3.         Degrees:         Ph.D.


Name of Degree


Name of College / University


Diploma Associate Engineer

Mechanical Engineering

MechanicalEngineeringCollege, Atbara, Sudan


Leeds Polytechnic Diploma

Mechanical Engineering

Leeds Polytechnic, UK


Postgraduate Diploma

Mechanical  Engineering

Leeds Polytechnic, UK



Production Management & Manufacturing Technology


University of Strathclyde, UK



Mechanical Engineering

(Manufacturing Systems)

Dept. of Aeronautical & Mechanical Engineering, Salford University, UK



4.         Experience (Years):


Government / Industry

(Engineering / Engineering Technology)


(Engineering / Engineering Technology)

This Institution





5.         Level of Activity in the last five years (high, med, low, none):

                                                (Explain the activity and rank it as High, Medium or low)

(a)                Professional Development   : High

(b)               Research                               : Medium

(c)                Professional Society : High

(d)               Consultancy             : High


6.         Active membership in Professional and Scientific Societies:

Engineers Union, NaherElnil State, Sudan.


 7.         Institutional and professional service:        


- The founder & manager of research and publication unit, Nile Vally University (2013-now)

- Consultant for Leader Technology Industrial group, (2008-now)

- Yanbu Industrial University College, 2006-2009

- Department of production Engineering, Faculty of Engineering & Technology, Nile Valley University, Atbara, Sudan (Professor).

- Dean of Faculty, Faculty of Engineering & Technology, Nile Valley University, Atbara, Sudan. (2001-2004)

- Faculty of  Engineering, Blue Nile University, Eddmazin, Sudan. (Consultant + acting Dean  2004-2005).

- The founder & manager of Self assessment& total quality management Unit, Nile Valley University (2004-2006).

8.         Professional meetings attended(Include Dates):

i-                    The First International Industrial Engineering Conference, University of Jordan, Amman, Jordan (Sept. 2001)

ii-                  A discussion circle on The Third Level of Technician Engineers (Technologists) in Iraq The Arab Technical Education Union, Baghdad, Republic of Iraq (Sep. 2001).

iii-                The seventh Deans of Faculty of Engineering in ARAB Universities Meeting, AdenUniversity, Aden ,Republic of Yemen. (Dec. 2002)

iv-                Conference on The quality of University Education  (Arab Organization for management Development.) Aden ,Republic of Yemen. (Sep. 2003).

v-                  Conference on Self evaluation in Arab Universities, Amman, Jordan (Dec. 2004)



9.         Publications:


         I. Shukri & A. M. Elbasheer, An Expert System for Designing gates & Risers for Small & Medium size Castings Sudan Engineering Society Journal, Vol 52, Number 46, May 2006.

         M. I. Shukri Lean Manufacturing The NileValley Scientific Journal, Vol 1 Number 1, (2005)

         A.M. Elbasheer, M. I. Shukri, W. F. Abdel-Wahed, Developing a Visual Interactive System of Feature- Based Solid Modeling of a Cast component 3rd. International Conference on Engineering Sciences & Technologies, NRC, Cairo, Egypt. (March 2008)

         A.M. Elbasheer, M. I. Shukri, A feature-based  solid modeling for building  casting  components, Sudan Engineering Society Journal, Vol. 57, pp. 1-10, 2011

     A.M. Elbasheer, M. I. Shukri, A fuzzy expert   system for rigging system design,  Journal of Science and Technology 12 (02 ), pp. 124-134, December 2011



 10: Papers accepted for publications:

          I. M. Ali & M. I. Shukri, A regression model to predict number of passengers of Sudan Railways, Shendi University Journal.

         A.M. Elbasheer, M. I. Shukri, Methoding design in sand casting : Paper (1):

Heuristic rules of methoding design in sand casting.Sudan Engineering Society Journal.

         A.M. Elbasheer, M. I. Shukri, Methoding design in sand casting : Paper (2):

Fuzzy expert system and feature-based for building castings and feeders design.Sudan Engineering Society Journal


11.       Seminars / training programs conducted    :

i-                    Held and supervised considerable number of seminars and training programs in Nile Valley University, Shendi University &AlshakhAbdallaAlbadri University.

ii-                  The three days seminar on Quality & Self Evaluation. Conducted four times for groups of staff in the NileValleyUniversity (2004 2005).

iii-                The three days seminar on Quality & Self Evaluation. Blue NileUniversity (Dec. 2004)

iv-                Rapid Prototyping, its application in design & manufacturing Dept of mechanical engineering & technology, YIT, Saudi Arabia (Jan. 2007).

v-                  An Approach of Applying Expert Systems In Sand Casting Dept of mechanical engineering & technology, YIT, Saudi Arabia (Nov. 2007).


12.       Professionally related community activity  :


i-                    Active member on the Industrial liaison & Consultancy Unit, NileValleyUniversity, Chairman of the Unit (2001-2004)

ii-                  Consultant for El-Salam Cement Factory.

Hobbies & Interests:

i-                    The president of Engineers Union in The Naher EL Neel state (1993 1996).

ii-                  The President of Atbara University staff Club (1993 1996).

iii-                Has interest in information system & MIS, the designer of the B.Sc. in MIS in the Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration in the NileValleyUniversity.





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